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Carnet Systems

An international conglomerate headquartered from Dubai, UAE.

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  • Let's make business better, not more complicated.
  • Let's run towards challenges, not away from them.
  • Let's deliver artful solutions, but not at the expense of your business.

As our grey and - in Nick's case - missing hair will testify, we've been around a while and worked across a wide range of sectors globally. On our journeys through the military, commercial, government, and security spaces, we came to understand that the solution is bigger than 'just' the capability that gets delivered. Whether it is taking the time to properly understand the challenge; ensuring that your people buy in and advocate for the solution; managing the other Lines of Development to minimise productivity impacts, or simply working to establish beneficial long-term partnerships, we realised that we understood how to do it 'better' and how to ensure that every project outcome actually helps our clients.

Partners in Experience

Partners in Experience

Brands in the Carnet Systems common-control group represent over 100 years of operational experience.

Operational Divisions

Operational Divisions

Carnet Systems operates across three integrated divisions.


Digital Technology

From bespoke software development to advanced cyber security solutions, and all points in between.


Commercial Brokerage

Reducing the links in our trading chains delivers value for money and increases profit opportunity.


Bio Systems

From testing solutions to biosurveillance, we can help you respond to the next biological threat.

What We Offer

What We Offer

These are our key products and services. Contact us to uncover more detail.

Aviation Services

Aircraft procurement, sales, and consultancy for civil and military markets worldwide.

Petroleum Products

Crude, Jet-A1, EN590-10, ULSD-50, and other petroleum products available on a FOB or CIF basis.

Cyber Security

Corporate and nation-scale cybersecurity solutions: including range-based training and compliance.

Resilio Platform

Global-scale data acquisition and continuous, evolvable analytics for realtime digital transformation.

Biological Testing

Solutions for use from Point-of-Need to Laboratory, including mobile labs and digitization.


Continuously watching the world to detect, classify, and communicate the next pathogen outbreak.

Software Development

Bespoke software development for any use case: from new applications to integration solutions.

Innovation Management

Got a bright idea? Let us bring our experience to bear and help you make it a reality.

Consultancy Services

Our Rolodex is full of highly-skilled people. Tell us what you need and we'll find you the right person to deliver it.



Experienced professional leadership across all corporate functions and delivery teams.

Nicholas Lambe

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about innovation and delivering straightforward solutions with a keen focus on end-user outcomes.

David Prior

Chief Technical Officer

Passionate about technology and it's capabilities delivered through a pragmatic approach to customer requirements.

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